About Us

Krüger is specialised within the field of drinking water, process water, municipal and industrial wastewater, sludge, sewage, soil and groundwater as well as control, regulation and supervision of water treatment plants.

Krüger acts as consultant, contractor as well as supplier of equipment, services and solutions

The core competencies include everything required to design, build, operate, maintain, control, regulate, supervise and upgrade municipal and industrial water- and wastewater treatment plants and sewerage systems.

Design & Build experience

  • International experience in contract management of large D&B projects
  • Innovative cost-saving solutions
  • Successful cooperation with internal as well as external partners

Drinking Water Treatment

As a water engineering specialist, we have extensive experience in designing, building and managing construction projects for municipalities, with over 110 years in the business.

To ensure water supply quality and safety, we offer an array of treatment solutions including:

  • Pretreatment and purification
  • Specific treatments (removal of arsenic, uranium, nitrates, endocrine disruptors, Total Organic Carbon, etc.)
  • Disinfection
  • Desalination
  • Sludge treatment
  • Water treatment chemicals
  • Mobile Water Treatment

Remediation of Soil and Groundwater

Krüger’s team has experience as well as expertise in being an attractive cooperator for consultants who wish to supply proper, well-considered and efficient soil and groundwater remediation of contaminated land.

We provide our remediation solutions in Europe, South America, Asia and Oceania.

In-Situ Thermal Soil Remediation (ISTD) is a robust, proven and patented technology for heating the subsurface to remediate soil and groundwater and is recommended for:

  • All organic contaminants
  • All soil types
  • Remediation above and below the water table
  • Inside buildings, near infrastructure
  • In fractured rock

Advanced Control Systems

Innovation for Water Resource Management

The development of STAR Utility Solutions™ started in 1990. Since then, Krüger has gained more than 400 years of valuable operating experience from more than 60 plants all over the world.

We still continue to develop the system to fit all aspects and needs related to water resource management.

Based on advanced real time control and forecasting, the intelligent tools continuously provide optimal operation and maximize the value of the existing systems.

Sewer Systems

-A serious health and environmental concern

We optimise the sewer system and ensure a safe effluent discharge.

Good sanitary conditions are all-important to the public health and we have many years of experience in preparing integrated end-to-end solutions covering all relevant local conditions.

We act primarily as consultants in:

  • Models and hydraulics of the network
  • Planning and optimisation
  • Advanced online control, monitoring and forecasting

Wastewater Treatment

Our wide range of solutions and technologies are all dedicated to increase the use of water and wastewater resources. We provide all technologies relevant to a safe, environmentally compliant day-to-day operation of a wastewater treatment plant, regardless of size.

Our solutions covers the complete wastewater treatment cycle:

  • Primary treatment
  • Secondary treatment
  • Tertiary treatment & reuse
  • Sludge treatment
  • Odour control
  • Water treatment chemicals
  • Mobile water treatment
  • Lagoon guard

Sludge is a ressource of great value

By converting sludge into energy, we help offset wastewater treatment plant operating costs.

We minimise weight and volume of the sludge remaining after recovery, and remove harmful substances prior to disposal. Our sustainable treatment solutions comply with the stringent health and environmental standards.

We have developed the below technologies for treatment and resource recovery:

  •  Exelys™ and Biothelys™, our thermal hydrolysis solutions
  •  Anita™ Range for sidestream treatment of high-ammonia loaded effluents
  •  BioCon™ and BioCon™ ERS, low-temperature thermal drying and sludge incineration
  •  Pyrofluid™, sludge incineration
  •  Gas Top - Integrated gas cooler that improves the gas quality. Designed for digesters with flat roof