Solutions for the water supply of Greenland

For many years, we have offered and implemented solutions for the Greenlandic water supply. We have supplied settlement waterworks and consultancy for Nukissiorfiit and as such helped secure the future water supply in Nuuk.

Future-proofing of Greenlandic waterworks

As experts in water treatment, we have many years of experience working in Greenland. Among many things, we have supplied settlement waterworks and consultancy for Nukissiorfiit and in that way helped to secure the future water supply in Nuuk.

Several settlements in Greenland have improved the health of the local population since Krüger has delivered many water treatment plants that can cope with the variations that characterize the area. The challenge is primarily linked to increased amounts of organic material in the local lakes, where the waterworks typically extract raw water. 

Designing the solutions we have taken responsibility for the environment by, e.g. recommending processes and technologies that reduce energy and water consumption.

Strong collaboration with Nukissiorfiit

For many years, we have had a very good collaboration with Nukissiorfiit, where we have provided consultancy in regards to:
• Planning conditions
• Future water supply structure in Nuuk
• Securing the dimensioning basis
• Process design
• Development of standard modules at municipal waterworks
• Dimensioning of wiring harnesses
• Training of operating personnel

Examples of water supply solutions in Greenland

Design and reconstruction of existing waterworks:
• Nanortalik 2019
• Sisimiut 2016
• Qasigiannguit 2016
• Qaqortoq 2013
• Kapisillit 2010
• Qeqartarsuatsiat 2010

Project planning and delivery of settelment waterworks incl:
• 3 water treatment plants in a container solution
• 10 modular water treatment plants of which 4 are built into new standard houses or in existing houses

Supply of data management system
• NukiManager (our cloud-based management system developed especially for Nukissiorfiit) implemented in the water supply in 11 cities and 12 settlements 

Contact our Greenlandic water experts: 

Dennis Jørgensen
M: 3957 2115
E: [email protected]

Jens Sølling
M: 6039 3562

How we can help:

  • Resource consumption
  • Asset management
  • Documentation and monitoring of the production
  • Project and document management
  • Proven technologies
  • Strategy and action plans
  • Project planning

Standard modules for settlement water works 

As a starting points, the facilities consist of the following modules: 

* Filter module for pH adjustment with lime and physical cleaning for impurities
* UV module for disinfection
* Container module with pure water tank(s) for storing treated water
* Pumping out/rinsing water module for frequency-controlled pumping out and rinsing of filters
* Water quality module