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(formerly known as Aquavista)
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Intelligent Software for Water and Wastewater Facilities

Hubgrade™ Performance (formerly known as AQUAVISTA™ Plant) is the most sophisticated suite of modular intelligent software solutions on the market. The comprehensive suite of solutions offers state-of-the-art online control and overview. 

Based on advanced real time control and forecasting, the intelligent tools continuously provide optimal operation and maximize the value of the existing systems.

Business Case
Hubgrade Performance Plant module helped the municipality of Milan — with a 1.25 million PE wastewater treatment plant — reduce its OPEX by an average of €1.2 million per year for the past two years.
In addition, the client made important CO2 savings (~ 2 100 T CO2-eq/year) and SMART Bio-P: Introduction of significant biological phosphorus removal in existing process volumes.
business case
The sewage network of Guayaquil (Ecuador) was experiencing inflow and infiltration (I&I) and was looking for a solution to optimize the maintenance costs, preserve the water resources and protect human health at the same time.
With Hubgrade, the client was able to prioritize tasks per catchment area, reducing the inspection time and improving work efficiency.
News -
We have signed a contract with JSC “Kauno vandenys" to improve the performance of their plant and the impact on the environment significantly through online control. The smart online solution, Hubgrade Performance Plant, will reduce energy consumption by up to 25% per year for aeration and mixing while also reducing cost of pollution by up to 20%.
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