Sludge & Digestion

Sludge is a resource of great value.

We minimise weight and volume of the sludge remaining after recovery, and remove harmful substances prior to disposal. Our sustainable treatment solutions comply with the stringent health and environmental standards.

We have developed the below technologies for treatment and resource recovery:

  • Thermal hydrolysis solutions

  • Anita™ Range for sidestream treatment of high-ammonia loaded effluents

  • Bioco™ low-temperature thermal drying and sludge incineration

  • Pyrofluid™, sludge incineration

  • Gastop - Integrated gas cooler that improves the gas quality. Designed for digesters with flat roof

Article about circular economy for utility companies

In this article you can read more about a cross-sectoral collaboration we have contributed to. The goal is, among other things, to make crude oil out of sewage sludge from the wastewater treatment plant using Bio2Oil’s technology. The oil is to be converted at the refinery so that it can be mixed with gasoline and diesel, or it can be used in green fuel for aircrafts and ships. Granted, this results in power consumption; however, this will become increasingly greener as the power grid gets greener.

Case story
Innovative steel tank for sludge storage.
The multifunctional design of the 3inONE Tank is unique as it combines two individual tanks in one covered steel tank, acting as gas collector, heat exchanger and buffer.